What Corporate Media Failed to Learn About Canadian Single-Payer


It is a sad reflection on the state of healthcare reporting in the United States that one can so easily predict how many media outlets will respond to a news event before it even happens. Yet for many familiar with years of media either ignoring or rejecting the merits of a universal public healthcare system—Canada’s in particular—it was hard not to expect dismissiveness and/or mockery from outlets such as the New York Times and Vox, who sent reporters on the tour.

The results were unsurprising. Vox (10/31/17) used the occasion to explain why single-payer is likely a pipe dream that doesn’t fit with American values. Much of the Times article (11/2/17) read like satire aimed at mocking Canada and Sanders.

Contrary to Kliff’s thesis, the US supports a universal, public health system about as much as Canadians did when they were fighting for its implementation. This would seem to be a reason for optimism for single-payer, not the opposite, as Vox suggests.