From Addicting Info: Here Is The REAL Protest In Baltimore The Mainstream Media Won’t Show You (IMAGES/VIDEO)

By Joe Fletcher
If you do an internet search for the words “Baltimore protest” undoubtedly you will see headlines that recount the minor property destruction caused by a few protesters. The thousands of protesters who demonstrated peacefully are only mentioned as a means of comparison to those who did not.
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Why Don’t Americans Want to ‘Soak the Rich’? It’s a Trick Question

From Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting:

Why Don’t Americans Want to ‘Soak the Rich’? It’s a Trick Question
by Jim Naureckas

Monopoly Man has to pay taxThe New York Times (4/17/15) has a post by Neil Irwin headlined “Why Americans Don’t Want to Soak the Rich.” Irwin suggests a couple of different answers to this question, depending on your ideological point of view:

"Go Kill a Cop" chant a Fake!- Duplicitous Editing Job by Fox Affiliate

Three items reported in DailyKos show well the bias in media reporting that occurs.
This Fox news affiliate edit directly biases viewers against the protesters.
Baltimore’s Fox affiliate desperately wanted to portray an anti-police brutality rally as a pro-police killing one, but they ran into a problem. No one they encountered wanted to see police murdered. Rather than drop the story, Fox went ahead and deceptively edited the footage they got to make it seem as if protesters were chanting “Kill a cop.” That’s what passes for journalism over at Fox.
The rally in question, held in Washington, D.C. and called the “National ‘Justice For All’ March,” was broadcast on C-SPAN. At one point in the video, a rally organizer can be heard chanting “We won’t stop. We can’t stop. Until the killer cops. Are in cell blocks.”
This entry details the media reaction protecting the right wing from connections to cop killers..
I don’t remember the same outrage and blaming of politicians and protesters back in June when two “Patriots” left the Bundy Battlefield and ambushed and killed two Las Vegas police officers.
And here a clip of Bill de Blasio responding to a reporter's attempt to link protesters to cop hatred..
“You know what, I am telling you all over again that’s how you want to portray the world but we know a different reality," said Bill de Blasio. "There are some people who do that. It's wrong it's wrong they shouldn't do that. It's immoral It's wrong it’s nasty. It’s negative. They should not do that. But they my friend are not the majority. Stop portraying them as the majority."

From Daily Kos: Networks won't air presidential address because they consider it too 'political'

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Eight years ago, President George W. Bush delivered a prime time address on immigration, carried by all the big broadcast networks.
On Thursday, President Barack Obama will do the same thing, but three of the broadcasters, ABC, NBC, and CBS have signaled that they won't be carrying it.

DemocracyNow! - No Debate: Antiwar Voices Absent from Corporate TV News Ahead of U.S. Attacks on Iraq & Syria

A new analysis of corporate TV news has found there was almost no debate about whether the United States should go to war in Iraq and Syria. The group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting found that of the more than 200 guests who appeared on network shows to discuss the issue, just six voiced opposition to military action.

From Thom Hartmann: Why the MSM Is Gung-Ho On War & Silencing Anti-War Voices

Corporate media's addiction to infotainment is stifling debate in our country.

According to a new study by Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR), the corporate-controlled mainstream media completely failed to present both sides of the story in the build-up to increased U.S. action against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. FAIR found that during the key moments leading up to increased U.S. military intervention, it was nearly impossible to find an anti-war guest on the airwaves.

From Thom Hartmann: Should public radio program in the public interest?

Oct. 29, 2014
By Thom Hartmann

NPR is supposed to be our national public radio, but they're barely covering climate issues that are in the public's interest.

Only one month ago, a national New York Times/CBS News poll found that half of all Americans think that global warming is already having a serious impact. Sixty percent of those surveyed even said that protecting our environment should be a priority “even at the risk of curbing economic growth.”

From Thom Hartmann: The Real Rick Scott Debate Scandal

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The state of commercial media in America today is that "if it bleeds, it leads." Rather than provide us with real news, our corporatized media gives us ratings-driven infotainment drivel, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They go for the bright and sparkly stuff, instead of the substance.

From Fox Insiders To The Secret Service – Top 20 Insults Directed At Fox News

Washington's cynical misinformation game

Commentary: distortion now a standard part of political discourse on health care



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